Carlsbad, California

Nature Happenings

• Keep your hummingbird feeders filled and clean.  We have hummingbirds year round.  We are lucky!
• Peak of southward migration. Birds heading south include:  Black-headed Grosbeaks, Green-tailed Towhees, Song Sparrows and Lincoln and Chipping Sparrows.

* White-crowned sparrows arrive

• Watch for Sandhill Cranes heading toward the Bosque del Apache in New Mexico where they overwinter.

• Mixed weather, ranging from hot, dry Santa Ana winds to cool, crisp, damp days and evenings with occasional showers.
• Elephant Seals appear on the CA coast north of Hearst Castle.
• Geese and ducks begin arriving throughout the region.
• Earliest appearance of Pine Siskin at coastal feeders
• Yellow-rumped Warblers are returning.
• Peak of fall warbler migration
• First Northern Flickers arrive.
• Sandhill Cranes arrive in CA at Salton Sea and Carrizo Plain.
• Orionids meteor shower is late-October.